Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Hair color♥

Hey sweeties how are you?♥

As you maybe already know in some days my friend and I we will fly to Japan and Abu Dhabi, I am a bit nervous but its fine XD
So when  you remember back I had big problems with my hair color, that I got a greenish grey hair.
So somedays ago I coloration them again in a light goldblonde color.

So this was the result. It was nomore greenish or grey but a bit redish, but that is better then greenish or grey XD
But I was a bit sad, because my hair get so dark, and normaly it was a light color and I want to be blonde.
Then I did highlights by myself XD I was a bit afraid, because maybe they are yellow or something like that after coloration, but I have to say they turned out really soft and nice.

Now I am thinking to do this again before japan, I mean some highlights are better for the hair then coloration them full. So what do you think?

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Samstag, 6. April 2013

New gets, hair ect♥

Hey sweeties long time not see! Sorry for not blogging but I have so much to do, also in around 3 weeks my friend Jelly and I will go to Japan and Abu Dhabi ^o^!

So let me start with my Hair, I had now for around 3 years dark brown hair and my skin is really pale, also I am from nature a blonde. So the dark hair, makes me look really white >_< on pictures it was OK because of the light but in real was not good XD
Thats why I want to be blonde again. Because my hair got really long and I dont want to broken my hair, I colored them with big time diffrent between, but you saw it XD but that was ok, first I use some bleaching to get my hair in a blonde, yellow,  orange color. After that I wanted to use a darker blonde color, but that went wrong >_<
My hair was after it dark Grey Oo and the parts who was more orange before went greenish >_<
I was so confused that I could not cry because of it, the only thing I know was, that I will not color my hair in the next days again, because then they broken >_< and I dont want to be dark hair again.
So now it is around a week over and my hair is getting lighter, the grey color is still there but I think when I wash my hair 4-5 times more it is gone, surely the greenish hair is now more visible, but I already use now a shampoo for red hair and I bought a new coloration in a more gold ton, because to get the green out of your hair you need red and the gold color is with some red. I saw video where they said a gold color and my friend also told it me. I will color it in around 3 weeks and hope it will work XD

The pictures are all from the same day, you see that the color is changeing from grey to blonde to greenish. But thats just because of diffrent light. And so it is in real >o<;

So next, I got some new things and I really like to show you them♥ They are not all but I am to lazy to take pictures of all XD

The first dress is from Duras the next two Items are from Rienda♥
Then I got also two Duras Novelty Fair, this Jacket and the Dress

Also got some more Clothes and Accessories but sorry to lazy >_<

So that was all sweeties

baii baii


Samstag, 2. März 2013

Tokyo Girls Collection S/S♥

Hey sweeties, today was the TGC ( Tokyo Girls Collection ) in Japan.
So normaly I am not a big fan of this show, but this year, there was some brands I really like, and want to take a look at the collection.
So lets start!

As you maybe know Duras is one of my favorite Brands, so I was really excited but get disappointed XD
First, most of the clothes you can already buy since 2-3 weeks, second the looks was mostly the same, just different prints.

I love this dress and I love this color, it has an amazing backstyle, also you can get it as this Maxidress, short dress and as a Top!

Here you see the short dress version! I had to get it in the green color XD

As you can see here, the flower print comes in every style, dress, top, pants, ect

As you see in the pictures it looks all really the same XD 

And i really dont like this two, is it sleeping wear? Or what is it!? XD

So yes I was disappointed, because I saw so many beautiful things at the Duras exhibition, but they only showed same looks and clothes you can already buy >_<

Next one is My favorite Tiara, this is a really new Brand, or a comeback brand? I dont know XD When I look at My favorite Tiara clothes, I have to think on Hawaii, I also think Hawaii play a big role in this Brand. And I really like to go to Hawaii, but so expensive >_< you pay for one fly to Hawaii as much as you pay for two flights to Japan. >_< 

My favorite Tiara
This brand is more expensive then Duras, so I would be only buy some accessories, or there must be clothes I really need to get XD.

I think when you see this clothes you get this "summer feeling" warm sand under your feets, the ocean, the smell from the strand and ocean, the warm weather, the time you have no problem when you start sweating XD

Then there was also "The Shel´tter" I really dont know what it is, I only know the online shop and that it give 1 or 2 stores in Tokyo. And I know you can buy there diffrent Brands like Rienda, Lilidia ect.
And because there you can buy Rienda and Lilidia, I had to take a look at it XD

The Shel´tter
There was only two Rienda outfits >_<
But one Outfit i cannot really tell you if it was full Rienda, I know it is a Rienda bag but I dont know if it is also a Rienda dress XD

Dont know if this is also a Rienda dress XD

So this are the main brands I want to see, I also take a look at LipService and Liz Lisa, and they also had some cute clothes XD
So when  you want to take a look at the other Brands then check it out please ^o^!

So what do you think about the fashion this year?

baii baii


Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Duras SS Flowery Looks and My favorite Tiara♥

Hey gals♥
Some days ago was the "Duras" and the "my favorite Tiara" Exhibition.
I will show you now some of my favorite pieces of the Duras SS collection, its called Flowery Looks.

I have a really similar dress, also some other things are really similar to the last year collection, but I am happy because I really like this dress, and happy when I could get it in blue or yellow color.

I am in love with Duras accessories, but I can tell you some of the accessories you can already buy at So they could not fake them, so who is faking who? XD but no matter ^_^

And this Duras Jeans Jacket have a come back! I really like it, but I bought it "new" at Mbok, because its new really expensive around 160 euro >_<;

Do you see the long dresses? They are the same dress as the one you see some pictures earlier, this year a new color! Pink one! But I love yellow and blue and beige color XD

And I love this Maxidress the green color is so amazing! But I have already many maxidresses so I am happy it will also give a Top version♥

 Here you see the top version, I also really like this spring/summer cardigan♥ Also the dress next to it have a come back! Last year it gave a similar one. XD

So what do you think about the Duras collection this year? I am pretty sure I will like some of the pieces and I really hope I can buy that what I like. Also I am waiting for some pictures from the Rienda and Lilidia collection!

Next topic is "My favorite Tiara"
I really know nothing about this Brand, I only know that you can buy them at the Duras online shop, and it looks like "Hawaii clothes" I think so XD

Here you see some pieces, they are really summer and flower, it really looks like "Hawaii clothes" XD what do you think?

baii baii


Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Ayumi Hamasaki Make-up♥

Hey sweeties♥
Today i try Ayumi Hamasakis Make-up. Its really hard to get a little bit similar look, because of our diffrent eyes, but I still hope you like it ^o^!

This is the Make-up look I want to get or better I want to try to get XD
And this came out lol

Sorry for the bad pictures I was to lazy to do my hair XD

baii baii



Hey sweeties today I want to show you some new Inspiration pictures♥ (^o^)

baii baii