Samstag, 2. März 2013

Tokyo Girls Collection S/S♥

Hey sweeties, today was the TGC ( Tokyo Girls Collection ) in Japan.
So normaly I am not a big fan of this show, but this year, there was some brands I really like, and want to take a look at the collection.
So lets start!

As you maybe know Duras is one of my favorite Brands, so I was really excited but get disappointed XD
First, most of the clothes you can already buy since 2-3 weeks, second the looks was mostly the same, just different prints.

I love this dress and I love this color, it has an amazing backstyle, also you can get it as this Maxidress, short dress and as a Top!

Here you see the short dress version! I had to get it in the green color XD

As you can see here, the flower print comes in every style, dress, top, pants, ect

As you see in the pictures it looks all really the same XD 

And i really dont like this two, is it sleeping wear? Or what is it!? XD

So yes I was disappointed, because I saw so many beautiful things at the Duras exhibition, but they only showed same looks and clothes you can already buy >_<

Next one is My favorite Tiara, this is a really new Brand, or a comeback brand? I dont know XD When I look at My favorite Tiara clothes, I have to think on Hawaii, I also think Hawaii play a big role in this Brand. And I really like to go to Hawaii, but so expensive >_< you pay for one fly to Hawaii as much as you pay for two flights to Japan. >_< 

My favorite Tiara
This brand is more expensive then Duras, so I would be only buy some accessories, or there must be clothes I really need to get XD.

I think when you see this clothes you get this "summer feeling" warm sand under your feets, the ocean, the smell from the strand and ocean, the warm weather, the time you have no problem when you start sweating XD

Then there was also "The Shel´tter" I really dont know what it is, I only know the online shop and that it give 1 or 2 stores in Tokyo. And I know you can buy there diffrent Brands like Rienda, Lilidia ect.
And because there you can buy Rienda and Lilidia, I had to take a look at it XD

The Shel´tter
There was only two Rienda outfits >_<
But one Outfit i cannot really tell you if it was full Rienda, I know it is a Rienda bag but I dont know if it is also a Rienda dress XD

Dont know if this is also a Rienda dress XD

So this are the main brands I want to see, I also take a look at LipService and Liz Lisa, and they also had some cute clothes XD
So when  you want to take a look at the other Brands then check it out please ^o^!

So what do you think about the fashion this year?

baii baii


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