Montag, 12. November 2012

Gyaru brands feat circle lenses♥

Hey gals!

You know that many Gyaru brands sell there own lashes, but now they start to sell there own circle lenses!(●´∀`●)
Also 2 of my favorite Gyaru brands sell some!
I show you now XD lets start! ^o^!


About Duras lenses I dont know much, i only know that it give some! And i really like to try the 2 lenses on the top of this picture.

The collection will have around 6 types of lenses.

I really want to try the blue one >-<!


Rienda have about 6 types of lenses. You can buy them with 14.0 mm and 14.5 mm. But you can only buy 3 of this 6 lenses with diffrent "eye power" hope you understand XD

You can buy them here Rienda lenses


Also Ma*rs sell there own Circle lenses.

Here you can buy also 6 types of lenses in diffrent sizes, also you can only buy 3 of them with eye power.

You can buy them here Ma*rs lenses

What do you think about them? I really like to try them ^o^!

baii baii



  1. I really love the Ma*rs ones! It's amazing you can buy the pink ones with 14.0mm with power <3
    Though I wonder if the price is for one pair or for one lens hahah.

    I like the light grey Duras lens too~
    Very informational post :D