Samstag, 17. November 2012

Coordinations and no Make-up♥

Hey sweeties♥
Today I do a new coordinations post, hope you like it ^_^!

Top: Liz Lisa
Shorts: Yumetenbo/DreamV
Hut: Liz Lisa
Bag: Liz Lisa

I really like it, but I think I would never wear it that way XD because it is a bit to "naked" for me XD

Jumper: Smork by Language

I bought this some years ago and I still love it! Its cute but also adult like.

Top: Rienda
Shorts: Yumetenbo/DreamV
Bag: Me Jane/Glamorous Jane
Shoes: H&M

My favorite shorts right now, it have flowers on it *_* and one of my favorite Tops♥

Tunica: Laguna Moon
Shorts: TaoBao
Shoes: Me Jane/Glamorous Jane

I love this Tunica, perfect for summer! When you dont want to show much naked skin but also want to wear something that is "loose"!

Top: Rojita
Cardigan: Rojita
Shorts: TaoBao

Love this top, first I was a bit afraid because its white and I am really pale skin color, but it is more creamy white so its ok XD and the shorts have cute laces ^o^!

So what do you think? Should I do some more coordination post?

Next topic is about Make-up. Do you wear always Make-up?
At the moment I wear no make-up, I feeling not really fine without Make-up, but i have at the moment no time to do it XD

I know little gold fishes XD next time I will tell you about this amazing App!

baii baii


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  1. I like the outfits a lot :) I think I´ll go for a onee-gyaru look too when I grow out of the frilly and playful stuff :3