Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Coordination & new lens♥

Hey sweeties, how are you?^o^ Today I have a new coordination Post for you!
My Post at the moment really boring cause my diet is not working and no more much time until Japan, that makes me sad a bit.
But lets start!

Dress: Rienda
Shoes: Shop in Japan

One of my favorite dresses♥

Dress: Traffic People

I love this dress, I have it now so long, but love it XD

Jacket: Rienda
Dress: Rienda

I had to buy this coordination, when I saw it a the Rienda girls blog XD

Top: Rienda
Shorts: Yumetenbo/DreamV
Shoes: Pinky Girls

Love this flower top, it is so summer, also looks nice with a cardigan over it and a long jeans.

Cardigan: Lilidia
Dress: Lilidia

This is a Lilidia Set, its something like a "special set" you could only buy it in the shops that open new. And i really like this Rose Petal print.

Also I got new  Circle Lens from Uniqso. So cute♥

But I will tell you and show you them later ^o^!
Thats all!

baii baii



  1. the first dress looks really cute ^.^ when I grow out of Liz Lisa Rienda and Duras will be the first thing I´ll get then :3
    I think it would be really interesting to see you wearing some coordinates to see how you do your hair, make up, and combine with accessories, etc. ^.^

  2. Ich mag alle Outfits! Und Rienda gefällt mir immer besser <3
    Bin schon gespannt auf die Linsen =3