Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Coordinations and Wardrobe♥

Hey sweeties♥
As you can see I change my Layout, now it is more "Adult like" I think!
How are you?(^_^)

Today I will do a next coordinations post.
Let´s start ^o^!

Dress: Liz Lisa
Under Top: Liz Lisa
Heart Heels Shoes: Liz Lisa

I am nomore into this much girly thing fashion, but I totaly love this outfit XD

Cardigan: Yumetenbo/DreamV
Top: Lilidia
Skirt: Primark

This outfit looks in real better! XD I like the colors and the floral skirt ^o^!

Shirt: Duras
Shorts: Yumetenbo/DreamV
Shoes: Shoes Store in Germany

It give a similar Outfit with this Shirt from Duras Shopstaff and I fall in love with this coordination XD

Maxidress: D.I.A
Bolero: Rienda

I think, this is the only Item I have from D.I.A. But I love it!(⌒▽⌒)

Cardigan: Lip Service
Dress: Rienda
Shoes: H&M

This Cardigan is so soft and big and I like it!

The last days I start cleaning my wardrobe a little bit and now I have more space lol

I put everything inside my Wadrobe and Commode XD

baii baii



  1. Ich liebe alle die Outfits ;___; richtig toll!
    Und dein Kleiderschrank *-*

  2. OMG that d.i.a dress. I want it so much!!!
    My fav coords are d.i.a one and the duras one :D They're just lovely!

  3. Your wardrobe is really pretty!!
    It'd be nice if I could have one >_<

  4. I like the third outfit the most <3
    The others are nice too but the third one is kind of the style I like the most haha. Tight, sexy but still elegant.
    Good coordinates!
    I like your wardrobe. My wardrobe is terrible, I constantly want to clean it haha. So much old stuff I never wear but don't want to throw away.