Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Coordinations and hair♥

Hey gals! 
Today I like to show you some coordinations ^o^ have fun!

Cardigan: Lilidia
Top: MercuryDuo
Skirt: MercuryDuo

I like the big Cardigan and that the top and skirt fits so nice together I think♥

Dress: Rienda Suelta
Clutch: Honey Bunch
Shoes: Ebay

I love this dress, I saw it in Riendas MusicVideo and then I had to buy it and it was for Sale ^o^!

Cardigan: Rienda
Bag: Hello Kitty feat Samantha Vegas
Onepiece: Royal Party
Shoes: Ebay

I love this onepiece! Also the Hello Kitty bag, its really a bag that you can wear with a more Adult like style ^o^

Cardigan: Rienda
Onepiece: Rienda
Boots: Rienda

I like the colors, I think they really fit together♥

Onepiece: Rienda
Boots: Rienda

This Onepiece I bought it second hand, because it was so fast Sold out and now I am happy that I got it!(●´∀`●)

What do you think about this Coordinations? Do you think they are still "Gyaru" to you?
For me yes ^_^

Also I am thinking about getting a ashblonde hair color with a babypink glowO(≧▽≦)O
like on the picture, but a little bit more ashblonde XD

baii baii



  1. OOOH!! Ich liebe die mega!! *_*
    Natürlich sind die Gyaru~ und so erwachsen!!! Ich will sie an dir sehen! xD

    1. danke dir♥ ja aber erst noch etwas babyspeck los werden bevor ich mich ganz körperhaft der "welt" zeigen will XD