Samstag, 6. April 2013

New gets, hair ect♥

Hey sweeties long time not see! Sorry for not blogging but I have so much to do, also in around 3 weeks my friend Jelly and I will go to Japan and Abu Dhabi ^o^!

So let me start with my Hair, I had now for around 3 years dark brown hair and my skin is really pale, also I am from nature a blonde. So the dark hair, makes me look really white >_< on pictures it was OK because of the light but in real was not good XD
Thats why I want to be blonde again. Because my hair got really long and I dont want to broken my hair, I colored them with big time diffrent between, but you saw it XD but that was ok, first I use some bleaching to get my hair in a blonde, yellow,  orange color. After that I wanted to use a darker blonde color, but that went wrong >_<
My hair was after it dark Grey Oo and the parts who was more orange before went greenish >_<
I was so confused that I could not cry because of it, the only thing I know was, that I will not color my hair in the next days again, because then they broken >_< and I dont want to be dark hair again.
So now it is around a week over and my hair is getting lighter, the grey color is still there but I think when I wash my hair 4-5 times more it is gone, surely the greenish hair is now more visible, but I already use now a shampoo for red hair and I bought a new coloration in a more gold ton, because to get the green out of your hair you need red and the gold color is with some red. I saw video where they said a gold color and my friend also told it me. I will color it in around 3 weeks and hope it will work XD

The pictures are all from the same day, you see that the color is changeing from grey to blonde to greenish. But thats just because of diffrent light. And so it is in real >o<;

So next, I got some new things and I really like to show you them♥ They are not all but I am to lazy to take pictures of all XD

The first dress is from Duras the next two Items are from Rienda♥
Then I got also two Duras Novelty Fair, this Jacket and the Dress

Also got some more Clothes and Accessories but sorry to lazy >_<

So that was all sweeties

baii baii



  1. Ich bin so neidisch auf das DURAS Kleid xD
    Wünsche euch aber viel Spaß in Japan! :)
    Wegen deinen Haaren . Die sind grau/grün geworden weil du keine rot (kann auch gold sein) pigmente in der coloration hattest und das auf blondierten Haare reagiert. Das ist mir früher auch oft passiert x'D Tomatenmark als Haarkur neutralisiert (und pflegt ein wenig) den grau/grünstich. Nach ein bis zweimal etwa eine Stunde war er bei mir komplett weg :)

    1. ja danke XD hatte schon mit ketchup probiert hat bei mir aber nichts gebracht >_< hab nun so ein shampoo für rote haare und dann in ca 3 wochen noch ne goldblond färbung, dannach nur noch friseur XD

      auf blondem haar ist mir das zum erstenmal passiert, hatte das mal beim dunkler färben auf braun, seit dem benutze ich nur rotbraun färbungen, aber das war ein schock XD