Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

New Gets♥

Hey sweeties♥ Today I want to show you some new things I got the last months ^o^!
I really like them, i think they are still Gyaru but also you can really good wear them in other Countries then japan ^o^!

Left my first Duras Ambient Camisole and right Duras Top. I really like this back style with the zipper ^o^!
Also sorry for the not good pictures >_<♥

Left Duras dress from the Christmas dress line♥ And right, again a Duras zipper dress ^O^!

Left Rienda Suelta dress, I want it so long but it was sold out >_< then I saw it again in the Rienda Girls PV where Nana wear it, and then was Rienda Suelta sale and I got it *o*! Right, is my Rienda Big Cardigan, I love it, its so big and looks so good! ^o^!

Left is my Rione Duras dress I bought it at Mbok I am so happy that I got it *_* its so casual but also so beautiful for me♥ Right is my Rienda Top, I like it. And my Duras bag, I had to bought it, when Duras had an event, it was 1 Day 50% off of all clothes, so I had to buy it XD

 The hair accessory I bought it at Taobao, it really looks like the one you can buy at Duras Ambient store but I paid 2 Euro and for the Duras Ambient one I had to pay around 30 Euro Oo and it is really nice quality!
Left earrings and right earrings are both from Duras, I love Duras earriengs XD the other earrings are from Language.

The Cat ear accessory i also got from Taobao, I saw that also Duras sell this kind of hair accessories so I bought a similar one ^^ The other hair accessory is from Rienda, I saw it first time wearing by Murami and I really like it!

All 3 pieces are for the hair, the upper one I got from Ebay and the lower one are from Paris Kids ^_^

And a really big bag from Rienda, I got it from Mbok, it was a Novelty fair ^o^

See you next time!

baii baii



  1. Aww, da sind wirklich ein paar schöne Sachen dabei! :)

  2. Duras <3 Ich bin zurzeit noch eher so dem süßen Style hinterher, aber für die Zukunft finde ich onee (Duras ist onee, oder? ;D) auch sehr gut ♥ Sehr elegant irgendwie! Der Katzenohren-Haarreif ist toll *-*

    1. Danke dir! Ich weiß das gar nicht so ganz ab wann man welchen style mit welcher Kleidung bezeichnet xD ich Kauf das was mir gefällt kann im Sommer auch schon wieder Blümchen und Rosa sein xD